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April Michelle's Journal

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
9:23 am
Whooohooo I graduated college Sunday! I graduated Cum Laude which means with honors in Latin. I have two bachelor's degrees one in Spanish and one in History. Now I need a job. :P My final college GPA was 3.8. I rule! Well one of my life goals is accomplished and in February my biggest life goal will be accomplished which is to be married. Yeah!

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
10:04 am
Since someone wants to know what I do with my time and they think I am wasting time, let me just get this straight. Hmmmmm Well I have been really really busy with COLLEGE. You know that place where smart people go and learn things so that they can get degrees and then go out in the real world at maybe 23 (when all people should probably stop living off of their parents and get out of their parent's houses). I am sure with my two bachelor's degress in Spanish and History I should have no problem doing whatever I want to do and getting a high paying job. Especially since my current GPA on a UTC 4.0 scale my GPA, is like 3.93 or something like that. I only have one semester to go after next week.

Yeah so darling read that and weep!

I also have been having lots of fun hanging out with my friends in real life, you know I have friends that are not only on the internet. Like real life........ Sad that the only friends certain people have are on the internet. HAHAHA

I also have been busy planning my wedding in April. It is going to be so beautiful.

One last thing I have been keeping busy with, my little sister. I joined Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga. My little sister is 9 years old. I take her cool, fun places and buy her things and we have loads of fun together. I am a MENTOR. That is definitely more than you can say for yourself.


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Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
12:45 pm
I have very happy news. Micah proposed to me the other day. I have the most beautiful ring. It is white gold with one large round diamond in the center, two smaller round diamonds on either side of it, and then two even smaller round diamonds on the band on either side of each second sized diamond so it has 8 total diamonds. It also came with a wedding band with three small diamonds on the band. I love it!

Very very happy news! :)

I am getting married. ;)

I guess all the fretters can go cry now, since they once said they are scared that we might have kids one day. :P Nanananannananana!

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
11:18 am
From now on only friends can post comments and have access to my journals. If you want access please email me at aprilxmichelle@hotmail.com and I will add you to my friends list, If I think you would be responsible enough not to link to my journal inappropriately or post crude comments.

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